Welcome! Are you ready to have your serenity ignited?

Whether you are looking for the healing energies of Reiki, or handcrafted soaps and lip balms, you will find much to choose from here. Let us walk your journey with you to find peace, happiness and serenity. To see more information on Reiki and soaps, visit the Reiki Healing and Soaps pages. If you would like help deciding where to start, head over to the Contact Page.

Thursday nights are all about coming together to support each other in the physical realm while we venture within to receive individual guidance in the energetic realm.

Anything from guided sessions to solely instrumental music will be offered. Some sessions will focus on specific topics, like overcoming stress  and anxiety, while others will be purely to provide some peace and relaxation.

Meditation Circles!

Whether you are a beginner, or have been meditating for decades, you are welcome! Serenity Ignited is a safe, judgement-free space for everyone to ignite the serenity within.

We currently have room for only 7, so click over to the Booking page to reserve your spot!

Benefits of Reiki

A large part of the benefits people see from receiving Reiki sessions stems from the cleansing of the Chakras. When they are clear of blocks and negative energy, the body may be able to defend itself against many issues.


Here are just a few of the ways Reiki can help...

♥ Relaxes you when you are stressed

♥ Brings about deep relaxation

♥ Centers your thoughts

♥ Energizes you when you feel drained

♥ Helps clear up chronic problems

♥ Dissolves energy blockages

♥ Releases emotional wounds

♥ Relieves pain and discomfort

Benefits of Access Bars

There are many things a Bars session can help with. I have tried to list the most notable ones here. The one thing to know if you are considering a session is that each person's experience is just as unique as they are.

♥ Releases the beliefs you have agreed to hold as your own, but are not true

♥ Cleans out energetic imprints that emotions and feelings have left in your mind from traumatic or unpleasant situations

♥ Can bring the limiting beliefs you have into your awareness so you can choose different if they no longer make sense

♥ Leaves you opportunities to bring peace, joy and happiness into your life with ease

♥ Supports your ability to release stress and anxiety

♥ Reduces, or even eliminates, the constant mental chatter which allows for more mental clarity

♥ Releases negative thought patterns that are holding you back from the life you have dreamt of having

♥ Assists you in seeing the potential you hold as an infinite being

A Little About Soap

When you choose handcrafted soap over commercial soap, you are getting a product that does not contain chemicals. Chances are, you'll be able to pronounce everything on the label, too. Yes - lye is a caustic chemical. And yes - lye is used in the soap making process. But here's the thing about soap. If you don't combine oils with lye you will never have soap. It's a scientific fact.

The reason the soap is safe to use is because each recipe is formulated to have less lye than the oils really need to turn the batch into soap. Keep watch in the Soap Shop for more information on this process. For now, please trust me when I say you will never be harmed by using a bar of handcrafted soap.

For more info on handcrafted soaps, click the button below!

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Are you ready to have your Serenity Ignited?

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I look forward to chatting with you!

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